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Federal Agency


Our wide range of tools and custom solutions gives us the advantage in any environment, and helps us do the same for you. We have experience providing equipment and video communications solutions for all types of public organizations, including those operating in the healthcare or education industry.

As the largest telecommunications supplier for the federal and provincial governments, CBCI was a natural choice for this project.

An essential service of the Canadian government, this government establishment facilitates the arrival of immigrants, provides protection to refugees, offers programming to help newcomers settle in Canada and grants citizenship and issues travel documents to Canadians.

Since this client required an expansion of its multipurpose presentation room to accommodate a future capacity of 200 people, they turned to CBCI to undertake the project. CBCI was also tasked with the upgrading of the audio-visual technologies and interior design of the space to better equip the room to fully serve the future needs of the organization.

No project too big…or too heavy

The technical challenge began at the structural level when CBCI was asked to install a 40-foot LED video wall that runs the full length of the ceremony room. The immense size and weight of more than 2000 kg required an ingenious structure of load-bearing walls and specialized anchors to support such a large video screen.

To add to the difficulty of the task, the design of this proposed solution had to meet the specific security requirements of a government institutional establishment as well as seismic standards.

Furthermore, a management system was required to control the various audio-video distribution sources and deliver theatrical quality propelled sound. Seems simple enough, right? Not quite. Pledco, the supplier of the products offering this cutting-edge technology was located overseas in Hong-Kong making delivery of such a product complex and even sometimes risky. CBCI rose to the challenge and stayed on top of every single step to ensure mishaps and delays didn’t happen.

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Round-the-clock dedication

The 12 hour time difference with our Hong-Kongese supplier never scared us off. CBCI did not stop until the project was complete.

Our team of experts maintained close communication with Pledco who provided unparalleled support by assigning an employee at night to guide the installation and accommodate the operating hours of its Canadian customer.

The installation was carried out on a tight schedule of 3 weeks with all players involved working in synergy to complete it on time. This project demonstrated the absolute commitment of the CBCI team and its business partners to exceed the client’s expectations in order to offer a high-performance solution that will last over time.