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La Cité Collège


We provide equipment for teachers, staff and students from primary school to university. We can help further communication between schools, record or display teaching materials, improve learning experiences or keep everyone informed, all the while removing the boundaries that come with physical resources and classrooms.

Now equipped with cutting-edge technology

On October 20, 2018, the brand-new Excentricité pavilion opened its doors at Le Collège La Cité in Ottawa. With the addition of this pavilion, La Cité, already recognized as the largest French-language institution for applied arts and technology in Ontario, is now equipped with cutting-edge technology.

An immersive multimedia experiences

Thanks to its team distributed across five offices in Canada, CBCI Telecom was able to help make this ambitious project a reality. The company shared its expertise in audiovisual-system integration, enabling the Excentricité pavilion to offer immersive multimedia experiences that bring students, professors, experts, and entrepreneurs together in an unparalleled environment of learning and creation.

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Specifically, CBCI Telecom contributed to developing the immersive studio, a space that can transform to suit any kind of event held there. Designed as a venue for concerts, galas, film screenings, and immersive multimedia experiences—with its 360° projection capabilities, retractable walls, and Space Show Audio audiovisual technology, this pavilion is undoubtedly one of a kind in Canada. The thirteen Barco movie-theatre-grade projectors and seven Strong MDI motorized screens create a sweeping 360° viewing experience. In addition, 36 speakers powered by D&B Sound Scape technology and top-notch Sennheiser microphones offer unmatched audio quality. What’s more, the CBCI team in charge of the project made every effort to deliver this innovative space within the specified deadlines.