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November 2, 2016 | POSTED BY Jodie Paradis

What to consider when building your Video Wall

David Haynes, a consultant for digital signage for some of the world’s largest brands, gives three criteria to consider when building a video wall.

Go seamless

The smaller the outer bevel on the screen is the more seamlessly they will stack together. This will allow you to tile the screens together to make a large unified display.

Make your content management easy

Video wall solutions can require complicated processors to make the multiple screens into a single functioning unit. Make sure your video wall display has onboard video wall processing that gives you these functions out of the box.

Make setup and ongoing management easy

Color-calibrating screens can be an unexpected hassle, but making sure all your screens are consistent in color and brightness is key to creating the effect of a single screen. Haynes recommends Samsung’s video wall solution that uses a color management chipset that keeps the screens looking the same.

Check out this video from Samsung that shows these features in action: