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The ultimate boardroom command center – Crestron 7’ Touch Screen – On display at our GTEC booth #800 November 2nd & 3rd

November 24, 2016 | POSTED BY Jodie Paradis

This little touch-screen might be small, but it’s mighty. It goes above and beyond your typical tablet and makes a perfect user-interface for controlling all the technology in the classroom, courtroom, or boardroom.

It’s ideal for scheduling and managing meeting rooms. Rhea Kelly, the executive editor for Campus Technology at explains some of the advanced room scheduling capabilities that are possible with the Crestron Touch Screen.

“It also supports the use of room occupancy sensors to detect when no one has shown up for a scheduled meeting. In such an event, the current reservation can be cancelled automatically to make the room available to others. If a meeting ends earlier than scheduled, a touch of the “End Now” button makes the room available to others immediately. A “Find Room” function allows users to quickly locate an available space nearby. Room reservations can be ended or extended with one button touch; extra setup time can be reserved ahead of an actual scheduled event. The panels also display broadcast messages sent from Crestron Fusion for emergencies or notices, such as an upcoming fire drill.”

It’s advanced video and audio features make it ideal for video chats, intercom, or VoIP phone communications. It’s everything you would need for everyday meetings and Crestron solutions allow further configurations to control lighting, security, HVAC and other building management needs from this little device.

Check out the full product specs [] or contact CBCI for more information on office integration.


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