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Selling Your Employees on Unified Communications

August 16, 2016 | POSTED BY Jodie Paradis

Unified communications are the solution to corporate dreams: providing better communication, faster responses and increased productivity. Yet oftentimes, implementing UC technologies can seem like an impending doom for the IT department; forecasts of low adoption, overspending or other concerns abound. This doesn’t have to be. In fact, there’s an easy way to facilitate UC implementation and adoption: involve your users. Unified communications technologies are meant to make things easier for employees, and asking potential end users what they need out of their communications solutions is a crucial first step in selecting the technologies and platforms to be deployed. This way, you avoid spending on options or setups your employees don’t need and consequently won’t use.


The follow-up step is equally simple: train your users. Making sure your employees are cognizant of the features and inner workings of your new systems will save you a headache. Providing hands-on training and supporting material is a must. Direct interactions and practice sessions with your new communications system will help the different types of learners in your organization assimilate the information and develop the habit of using the tools.

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