Public Sector

The public sector has many particular challenges that can range from scheduling issues between team members or across organizations; to setting up videoconferences in low-tech environments; to organizing emergency communications in crisis situations.

Our wide range of tools and custom solutions gives us the advantage in any environment, and helps us do the same for you. We have experience providing equipment and video communications solutions for all types of public organizations, including those operating in the healthcare or education industry.

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For organizations of various sizes within the public sector, we can recommend a wide range of solutions. Take a look at some examples below:

Startup Solutions

Small teams could benefit from our principal solution. This solution includes a standard computer, online videoconferencing platform, flat panel monitor and USB camera.

Intermediate Solutions

Mid-sized teams could benefit from an intermediate solution for a 10-person conference room involving 2 flat screens, a videoconferencing system and a control system that can connect to an online videoconferencing platform.

Advanced Solutions

Larger teams could benefit from an advanced solution for multiple conference rooms – of different sizes and different locations – that involves an online videoconferencing platform with the ability to link all the locations within one conference or host multiple simultaneous, conferences.