Our experience with creating custom setups makes us experts in the art of pinning down your industry’s needs. We have a long and proven track record in fields with complex requirements like healthcare, education and legal.


We combine products designed for healthcare environments with our other infrastructure, networking or equipment solutions to create a complete ecosystem.

For medical environments where speed and reliability are vital, we provide high quality video displays, lightweight carts and monitoring systems, which are central to tasks like remote diagnosing, medical training and streaming demonstrations or live procedures. We also provide setups to simplify daily tasks like monitoring or displaying patient information in healthcare facilities.


Our collaboration tools and services play a critical role in an environment that revolves around interviews and consultations.

We understand the need for time-sensitive communications and collaboration to advance cases and legal proceedings, which is why we provide equipment and setups that take into account the fast-paced and precise nature of the industry. Our tools connect attorneys, experts and clients, whether across the world or their own offices.


Our solutions meet a wide range of needs within education, from general communication to pinpoint precision training.

We provide equipment for teachers, staff and students from primary school to university. We can help further communication between schools, record or display teaching materials, improve learning experiences or keep everyone informed, all the while removing the boundaries that come with physical resources and classrooms.