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Advantages of Using Interactive Whiteboards

March 2, 2011 | POSTED BY Jodie Paradis

  Written by Gali Jennewein, Senior Account Manager, CBCI Telecom Interactive whiteboards have exceptionally grown in popularity over the past few years. Schools are discovering that these whiteboards are effective tools for improving learning, communication and collaboration. They offer several advantages over traditional whiteboards, which have been used in classrooms for decades to share information […]

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Cisco TelePresence InTouch: A Great Tactile Control

February 18, 2011 | POSTED BY Design Shopp

Draw me an InTouch I learn best when someone actually draws me a picture. Well I guess that today, drawing pictures to explain things are becoming obsolete and video tutorials are now the norm. Well Tandberg has one of these short video tutorials on their Multimedia Gallery and in less than 2 minutes they navigate the InTouch […]

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What is an Interactive Whiteboard?

February 7, 2011 | POSTED BY Jodie Paradis

  Interactive Whiteboards An interactive whiteboard is a piece of hardware that looks much like a standard whiteboard but it connects to a computer and a projector to make a very powerful collaboration tool. When connected, the interactive whiteboard becomes a giant, touch-sensitive version of the computer screen. Instead of using the mouse, you can […]

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Sooner or Later, Someone will get TelePresence Right

January 19, 2011 | POSTED BY Jodie Paradis

Special Collaboration: Gary Beaucaire, Account Director, CBCI Telecom in Ottawa. “Sooner or Later, Someone will get TelePresence Right” is a quote I found interesting in Kevin Werbach recent article “Telepresence: Reach Out and Touch Someone”.  In perspective, we are in the era of TelePresence, but the terminology has been boxed in instead of being expanded. […]

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