Audio Visual Solutions

The right equipment will make a difference. For every one of your unique requirements our experts can design, build and integrate custom audio visual solutions backed by extensive industry knowledge and a large portfolio of AV equipment.

Conference Rooms

We can scale every one of our solutions up or down, based on the size and purpose of your conference rooms.

Control Systems

We develop custom user interfaces that let you control every component of your conference room. Link your projectors, lights, blinds and other equipment together in a single panel.

Audio Systems

Complement your video systems with quality audio equipment, or create standalone audio conference systems that ensure every voice in your team is heard loud and clear. Our systems can be adapted for assisted listening.

Presentation Displays

We can equip you with the highest resolution monitors, projectors, screens and other viewing systems to give all of your presentations an extra edge.

Videoconferencing Endpoints

We provide you with the latest endpoints for your videoconferencing system; from displays, speakers and microphones to the software that lets you manage your equipment and connect with your team.

Digital Signage

We deliver the perfect platform to impress your teams or your clients with important information, across your offices, retail spaces or other business locations.


Our multi-screen systems can display different images and videos or focus on a single piece of media. Choose which screens display what, and customize the way your teams view critical information.