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Advantages of Using Interactive Whiteboards

March 2, 2011 | POSTED BY Jodie Paradis


Written by Gali Jennewein, Senior Account Manager, CBCI Telecom

Interactive whiteboards have exceptionally grown in popularity over the past few years. Schools are discovering that these whiteboards are effective tools for improving learning, communication and collaboration. They offer several advantages over traditional whiteboards, which have been used in classrooms for decades to share information and ideas with group members.

Here are 3 key advantages of using interactive whiteboards in a classroom setting:

1. Improved Learning

While some students are auditory learners, absorbing information efficiently through the spoken word, others are visual learners. Interactive whiteboards give people the opportunity to absorb information in multiple formats. This helps increase retention and synthesis of information.

2. Increased Participation

Interactive whiteboard images can be saved and printed, so students do not have to take notes during the discussion. This allows them to participate in the learning or collaborative session at a more focused, engaged level.

3. Enhanced Collaboration

By integrating an interactive whiteboard into your learning or office environment, you can encourage participants to collaborate in a shared work area. This allows students to become part of the process, rather than simply recipients of prepared information

Primarily, interactive whiteboards allow teachers and students to give presentations created on a computer in class and at parent/teacher/student conferences.

Teachers can create videos to teach students different types of software in class or online. Presenters can take notes directly into PowerPoint presentations, and students can learn keyboarding from whiteboard demonstrations. Instructors can show students how to use the Internet and get information from interactive web sites.

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