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Acano at GTEC 2015: Communication anytime and anywhere

October 17, 2015 | POSTED BY Jodie Paradis


We all need it, no matter what our jobs entail: rapid, easy communication anytime, anywhere, potentially even on the go. When work is moving a mile a minute, staying in close contact with colleagues who don’t always work in the same location is critical to ensure that projects are completed rapidly and smoothly. At GTEC, we hope anyone who is interested in learning more about the latest software for workplace collaboration and conference solutions will visit Acano (booth 118). Acano will be shining the spotlight on some of their software’s latest capabilities for chatting, talking, meeting, collaborating and sharing information across different devices.


We are looking forward to our customers getting a chance to see Acano’s latest software for themselves. After all, our own experience with Acano and our customer’s consistent satisfaction with the software is the reason why CBCI has been partnered with Acano for years.


When we reached out to Rick Brewer at Acano to ask him what they are looking forward to most at GTEC, he said, “Acano is thrilled to be partnering with CBCI at the 2015 GTEC conference, showcasing our latest and greatest unified communications products. We’re excited about working together to create fantastic solutions for our very important government customers, and look forward to seeing everyone there!”

It goes without saying that we can’t wait to take a look at Acano’s latest software, which strives to be accessible to anyone and on any device. Acano’s software allows for face to face meetings with as many people as are needed in a meeting, no matter where they are located: in an office, classroom, boardroom, or on the road with a mobile device. The platform features industry-leading Skype for Business (Lync) integration, which allows for a native experience to Lync users. Additional participants can be added to a video meeting through a link: the leader of the meeting only needs to provide the web link and they invitee can quickly jump into the video call. The Acano solution also features chatrooms, and audio-only calls, providing several options for communication. For meetings that require visual support, information can be shared across platforms through the screen sharing features.




At CBCI, we are hooked on this solution. We use this platform every day in our own offices. It helps our teams stay updated on the latest information, and it helps our projects run smoothly and on schedule. One of our favorite features is that Acano can be used on mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, and other smartphones, laptops, and tablets. A meeting being held on Acano’s platform can be shared seamlessly across devices, allowing a user to start the meeting on their phone but switch over to their laptop as needed, if they are on the move.


Be sure to stop by both Acano’s booth (118) along with CBCI’s booth (1202) this year at GTEC in Ottawa, from October 20th-21st.