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A Go-To Solution: The Crestron HD Scaling Auto-Switcher & Extender

September 8, 2016 | POSTED BY Jodie Paradis



It’s always a thrill when we happen to stumble across a product that is a solution to a lot of challenges that the engineers and designers at CBCI – as well as our customers – face when creating the ideal videoconferencing environment.


One of our latest and greatest finds is the Crestron HD Scaling Auto-Switcher & Extender 400. We’ve found that the product is simple, cost-effective and a seamless fit in many videoconferencing environments, especially in small boardrooms or meeting spaces.


The reason that Arturo Brisindi, Designer with the AV Sales Engineering Group at CBCI, told me that he keeps reaching for this auto-switcher and extender when working on putting together videoconferencing environments is that it is flexible and is a one-stop solution to a lot of his needs. The device replaces at least 2-3 separate units that would otherwise be required in a boardroom, such as switchers and multiformat devices that manage the audio and video for a presentation.


“It really covers a lot of bases,” Arturo said. “It’s a great product and has helped me a lot when designing installations.”


The Crestron HD Scaling Auto-Switcher & Extender provides all of a room’s switching capabilities, no matter how the room is set up and what inputs, formats and outputs are required. The device is composed of a transmitter, which installs at a table or podium, and a receiver, which installs at the display. Three auto-switching inputs are provided on the transmitter, and one additional input is provided on the receiver. The transmitter and receiver connect together over a single CATx cable.


The Scaling Auto-Switcher & Extender provides auto-switching capabilities, which means that a control unit isn’t necessary (although it’s still an option if desired). Fully-automatic operation and Web browser setup remove this need for a control panel, control system, or programming.


The device is also a scaler, which means that inputs with different video resolutions will automatically be scaled in an output to match the display and provide clear visuals.


The unit itself is a reasonable price, making its multiple capacities all that much more attractive to cost-conscious customers. It truly replaces many different units at a reasonable price, trimming costs of an overall videoconferencing installation. Plus, since the unit is also effective in terms of size, it can fit harmoniously in many different environments, cutting down on visual clutter that would be created by having many different units in one room along with the wiring and other cords that the different units would require.


Its multiple uses, overall helpful design, powerful capabilities and cost effectiveness has made it Arturo’s go-to solution. “It makes my job a lot easier!”


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