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7 Tips to Make Working From Home More Effective!

July 18, 2014 | POSTED BY Jodie Paradis

Working From Home: Time-saver (and Potentially Even Life-saver!)

Authored by Henry Cheang

As technology and society evolves, so too do our notions regarding the workplace. This is true for most jobs, but it’s especially true for white-collar work. A case in point is Bombardier’s recent decision to cut costs related to business travel by replacing it with videoconferencing whenever feasible. However, technological enhancements/adaptations of the workplace isn’t always about immediately-tangible impact on the bottom line. It can often be about improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and morale of employees – even as you reduce commuting times and improving the company’s carbon footprints.

Conference call - work from home

Conference call – work from home

This is one of the key lines of thinking underlying working from home. Living in Montreal – a phenomenally-wonderful city that’s also infamous for its abrupt shifts in weather AND terrible driving conditions – working from home has been a serious time-saver (and potential life-saver) many a time already. From a personal standpoint, the most dangerous part of getting to work has been the commute (seriously, the number of road incidents that I’ve witnessed or to which I’ve actually fallen victim is pretty bad…).

Now, I don’t frequently work from home, but it happens often enough. When it does, it’s quite productive! That said, working from home has its own drawbacks, especially if you don’t do it regularly. Here are suggestions for getting around some of the more major downsides that face folks who only work at home now and again. Basically, this is how I make working from home more effective. Enjoy!

Workarounds for Pitfalls

1)  Have your home set up for telework.

2)  Have a structured plan and schedule, and stick to it!

3)  Start early.

4)  Don’t work where you sleep.

5)  Take breaks.

6)  Shut out and off distractions.

7)  Don’t forget to check in with coworkers (and/or your boss)!

These were all situations that I’ve run up against over the years, and those were my solutions that worked best for me. I hope it was helpful!

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